Check out our favorite local non-profit at! Cycked is a grass roots community group dedicated to alternative modes of transportation, particularly cycle travel and transportation but also walking/hiking and even equestrian means of travel and recreation.

… Read more about our non-profit partnership after the break!!

They are working hard to plan and develop a 40 mile path called The Valley Trail along the highway 128 corridor through rambling hills and vineyards, and along our majestic redwood cathedrals to the coast where 128 meets highway 1. The Valley Trail will increase the community’s economic strength through bike tourism, create healthy lifestyles for our families and children, and offer a sustainable alternative to daily commuting for our residents. To do this they are garnering community support and strategizing not only the planning of this path, but also ways this multi faceted project can raise funds to build “California’s Most Scenic Byway”.

We’re proud to help Cycked achieve their goal through our sponsored partnership with Bite Hard Cider. All sponsor dollars donated by Bite Hard Cider are split 50/50 between us the promoters and Cycked, how cool is that?

By racing the Bite Hard you’re contributing to the Cycked mission, and Cycked is helping YOUR race by volunteering LOTS of people on race day. Their here to help you ride faster so other people can ride safely in the not so distant future.


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