Finish Line Cider… it’s part of the package

The Bite Hard ethos is to disrupt the status quo in norcal bike racing. If you’re going to pay to race an event, get up at the butt crack of dawn and drag your significant other out to the middle of nowhere it better be for something awesome, and it better involve a lot of free alcohol – that’s just a given.

At the Bite Hard you can expect three things: FANTASTIC RACE DAY SUPPORT provided by the head mechanic at Calfee Designs (who will also be in the follow car for the P1,2 field) as well as neutral Heed hand-ups in the feed zone, a challenging and beautiful course and FREE HARD CIDER.

Now if you’re awesome enough to come in the top 3 of your race, you can expect free wine from Philo Ridge Vineyards as well.


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