Boonville General Store Providing On-Site Race Day Caffeine!

We know how important coffee, and in particular caffeine, are in race-day success. The race morning pre-dawn starbucks run is a hallmark of mine, it just isn’t race day until I’ve stopped at my favorite corporate caffeine injectors for that vente big gulp of you-know-what. Since Boonville doesn’t have a starbucks, or a stop light for that matter, we decided to take the opportunity to have on-site coffee provided by non other than our General Store.

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Julie Liebenbaum and her team – Elena Plancarte, Laura Morales, Maria Barragan, Ale Ortiz, Marilu Perez, Miriam Barragan, Marleni Corona, Nancy Tapia, Veronica Mendoza and Darius Richmond – from the Boonville General Store were stoked to hear we were putting on a bike race. From the get go Julie was on board. Julie has been a long time supporter of the Cycked cause and when she got wind that we were partnering with them to put on this crazy event she chimed in with what she does best: bakery goods, and you guessed it, coffee!!!

Julie and her partners at the General Store will be providing coffee at the fairgrounds on race day morning for a nominal fee. The coffee is roasted locally. If you’re “euro cool” you’ll get one of her locally made pastries she’ll have for sale too.

You’ll be happy because you’ve got your caffeine fix, I’ll be happy because you’re not drinking corporate crap and Julie will be happy because she likes to see other people happy, it’s a win-win-win!

There you have it, be sure to visit the General Store after the race for some great sandwiches and other locally made appetite suppressing goods.


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