Calfee Design Offering Professional Mechanic Support

The Bite Hard is an exceptional course complimented by an exceptional staff and support crew. We’re obsessive about having only the best: the best roads, the best scenery, the best food, the best coffee and like every bike racer, the best bikes.

Read more about Calfee and their race support after the break…

Since Greg Lemond rode one at le Tour over 30 years ago Calfee Design has been building the best custom carbon steeds. You can spot their unique lug work 100 meters away; their attention to detail is only matched by the relationships they build with their customer. Whether you’re building up a top of the line race bike or getting a carbon repair job everyone knows that dealing with Calfee is a great experience.

When Calfee Design heard about the Bite Hard, saw the course and realized what a great event it was going to be they offered support – let’s be honest, we’ve all done it, you drive clear out to the middle of nowhere for a race and you forgot something silly, maybe it was your valve extender or maybe your seatpost clamp broke from unseen corrosion, maybe that wheel you crashed on last week isn’t quite true after all or maybe you need a simple mech adjustment.

Meet Ryan Villanueva, age 26 from Santa Cruz California. With 10 years of experience and the head mechanic at Calfee Design Ryan builds every bike that leaves the La Selva Beach warehouse. You can rest assured that on race day you’ll have top notch service at your disposal. If you’re lucky enough to be racing in the P1,2 field Ryan will be in the follow car behind you. If you’re in need of assistance before the 8AM start for the P1,2 race, Ryan will be set up close to the start and will be happy to help you out.

Check out Calfee’s website for any number of services they offer. They not only offer top of the line carbon frames, frames with serious pedigree, but bamboo as well. They have a  complete line of road, cross, track, tandem, mountain and adventure models. Next time you dump your bike in a crit and break your frame Calfee can repair it at a fraction of the cost of replacement. They’re the number 1 carbon repair shop in the United States for a reason.  Check out


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