Jah-Med Offering Awesome Medical Support!

Jah-Med is an non-profit providing on-site medical needs for private and public events and natural disasters. Based in Mendocino County Jah-Med is the perfect medical accompaniment to the Bite Hard, their knowledegable staff of Paramedics and EMT’s are familiar with the roads and the race route. They understand the intricacies of doing an event such as this in a rural area, and are familiar with the medical evacuation via medivac.


Jah-Med is a non-profit 501.3(c) and their staff are volunteers. When Jah-Med heard about our race they were 100% on board with being involved and helping us with the high cost of medical needs for the Bite Hard – this race is rural, and it’s in the best interest of every racer that we have on-hand first responders with vital equipment such as defibrillators, back boards and other first response gear that can save lives.

Offering basic life support that includes triage / facilitating transport to a higher level of care those who may become unexpectedly more seriously ill or injured. JahMed’s psychiatric, medical and nursing teams work seamlessly hand in hand to provide comprehensive, coordinated health care within the scope of their volunteer based practice.

If you can please take some time and donate to Jah-Med, they are at our race on a volunteer basis.



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