Roederer Estate Brut, your 1st Place Trophy!

The Bite Hard Road Race is proud to offer Roederer Estate Brut as the official first place trophy for all fields. Logo’ed with the race name and date so you can keep your bottle as your official winners trophy. Roederer Brut is the first California sparkling wine produced by Champagne Louis Roederer, building upon a 200-year tradition of fine winemaking that has made Roederer Champagne among the most sought-after in the world. Roederer Estate is sponsoring each field as follows:

Men P1,2,3: Jeroboam (engraving TBD)

Women 1,2: Jeroboam (engraving TBD)

Men Master 1,2,3: Magnum (engraving TBD)

Women 3,4: Magnum (engraving TBD)

Men Cat 3: 750ml (engraving TBD)

Men Cat 4: 750ml (engraving TBD)

Men Cat 5: 750ml (engraving TBD)

Men Master 45+ 1,2,3: 750ml (engraving TBD)

Men Master 35+ 4,5: 750ml (engraving TBD)

Men Master 45+ 4,5: 750ml (engraving TBD)

Click after the break to read more about Roederer Estate and their involvement with The Bite Hard Road Race….

When we sought out to put on a race in Boonville it started very simple, we have awesome roads in a beautiful setting, big mountains, a blue ocean and rugged bluffs as far as the eye can see. Its unmatched beauty is only rivaled by the sensations of your taste buds when you walk into a local bakery in the morning or by a glass of Pinot Noir in the afternoon. Who wouldn’t want to come here?

Well, bike races take money, and a lot of it. We don’t have a ton of money, and we’re not poised to profit from this event. Rather, we’re doing this because of the sheer awesomeness that can come from putting on a race in this area. But we also know that in order to get good traction we have to offer something, and that something has to be better than what any other race in California or nationally offers… we have to be the best stewards to our locale and to our racers at the same time – it’s a fine line.

We started with the best hard cider, Bite Hard of course. Roger Scommegna, the owner and cycling enthusiast was on board from the get go and helped us develop a successful partnership with Cycked, and gave us the cash necessary to start permitting the event. But we wanted something big for first place, money was an obvious choice, but we have so many great things right here in the Anderson Valley.

Philo Ridge came to us and offered 30 bottles of the best Pinot Noir around for prizes. We were stoked to say the least – it’s not every day someone just hands over two cases of awesome vino. But we still needed something big, literally…

At the Tour, if you win a stage, you get to pop the cork on a magnum of Champagne. We think the Bite Hard is aptly named, it’s hard, straight up right out of the tour hard. It’s 8000ft of climbing for the Men P1,2,3 needed something big for first place…

Well, we got something big for you – Arnaud Weyrich, the winemaker at Roederer Estate, gave us TWO GIANT Jeroboams of the finest Brut this country has to offer – Jeroboam are twice the size of a magnum which is twice the size of a regular 750ml bottle of wine. You do the math.

Not only that, but they gave us two magnums and six 750’s for the other fields. The bottles came blank, so we’re going to do some fancy stenciling on them to make them trophy-worthy once you’re done drinking them.

Check out what your in for here:

And don’t forget to thank Arnaud if you see him at the race, he is the winemaker at Roederer and is one heck of a guy for sponsoring this event in it’s annual year – well, that goes for ALL our sponsors!


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