Trophies Provided by Roderer Estate Again in 2013!

RE crest_colorThey were unique to the Bite Hard last year. Not anywhere on the race calendar do you find an event that hands out jeroboam sized bottled os Brut as trophies. These are NOT your typical bottle of Brut – these are three liters (or four 750ml standard bottles) of the best Brut you can find.

Roederer is a premier manufacturer of Brut, it’s roots firmly planted in the Champagne region of France, the Bite Hard road race is proud and honored to have them as a sponsor again for 2013. We know their bottles were well received in 2012 and can think of 10 lucky winners of their respective fields that went home with one of the 2 jeroboams, magnums or 750’s handed out to the lower categories.

We will again be handing out 1 jeroboam each for the P1,2 Mens and Women’s race; a magnum for the Mstr 35+ 1,2,3 and Mstr 45+ 1,2,3; and 750ml bottles for the remaining fields.

The bottles will again have the wine makers signature on them and the event name and date, so you can keep them as your trophy once you finish celebrating.

Size comparison: Kurt Wolfgang is really tall – he’s holding the Jerobaum after winning the 2012 Mens P1,2 race last year:

P12MenWinners RoedererRaceBottles


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