Are you ready?

So the race is next week, that’s not too far off. A few things you should remember before coming up:

1. Where the heck are you staying? We have $15/nt camping at the fairgrounds, which is highly recommended. It’s in town, close to food and has showers and everything else you need. There are only 30 rooms in the entire valley. So if you haven’t booked a room yet and need a hotel because you’re the kind of person who needs that sorta thing, well your best bet is the Best Western in Ukiah – give yourself ample time to drive the 20 miles over the hill on race morning if this is your MO, since it’s a windy road.

2. Post-race festivities: We offer free adult beverages, beverages which can be consumed pretty quickly after dehydrating yourself in the June heat for four hours or more – so be responsible and act accordingly to get a DD if you need one.

3. Bringing someone who needs something to do during the race? Contact me at malnick at gmail dot com and let me know. We have spots for sag and neutral support drivers and other volunteer opportunities. A discounted reg fee is available.

For anything else, questions/comments/concerns/venting about how this event is put on let me know at malnick at gmail dot com. I’ll try my best to help you out, change our procedures and fulfill reasonable suggestions for improvements!

See you Saturday June 29!


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