Course Description

Neutral roll out starting on Highway 128 in Downtown Boonville in front of the Boonville Hotel, about 1/10mi from the Fairgrounds. Head west on 128 and turn left onto Mountain View Rd.. Once on Mountain View the race begins. Mountain View climbs about 1.5mi to Faulkner County Park where it levels out and begins a narrow sometimes one lane descent to Hacienda Creek. Once over Hacienda Creek the KOM climb begins to Signal Ridge, 4.5mi and 2,400ft. 

After the KOM Mountain View gradually descends to Highway 1 about 15 miles away. Go right onto highway 1 north. Roughly 15 miles on highway 1 and take a right onto Philo-Greenwood Road. This is a steep 3mi climb of 1,300ft. The FEED ZONE is at the intersection of Philo-Greenwood and Cameron Roads, at the top of the climb (42mi).

Continue straight through the feed zone at the intersection of Cameron and Phil0-Greenwood Roads. There are many rollers on Philo-Greenwood Road!! About 16mi into the Philo-Greenwood Ridge Road you’ll hit the final descent into Philo and Hendy Woods State Park. This is a fast, sometimes narrow descent, be safe, be aware.

Go right onto Highway 128, right onto Mountain View Road once in Boonville for the finish climb to Faulkner County Park.

After Finish, flip a 180 on Mountain View and roll back to Boonville.  Please be careful, this is a residential road, steep, technical, and lots of hidden driveways. The race is over, take it easy cruising back to town.

Route for All Other Fields

Course Photos

200m from the top of the KOM climb on Mountain View Rd.

Philo-Greenwood Rd.

Highway 1 just south of Elk

Elk, CA

The bridge on Philo-Greenwood Road descent into Philo for all other fields.

Highway 1 at the intersection of Mountain View Road
Philo-Greenwood Road on the Ridge

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